CNCA Initiatives

CNCA supports transformative initiatives by funding innovation projects among member cities, framing strategies for long-term deep decarbonization, and fostering the growth of next wave carbon neutral city leaders.

Innovation Fund tile-image

The CNCA Innovation Fund was created in 2015 to invest in high-potential, city-led projects that develop, test, implement and amplify deep decarbonization strategies and practices. To date, the Alliance has invested $2.4 million in 27 early-stage innovation projects targeting transportation, energy-supply, buildings, and waste systems. These projects endeavor to accelerate deep decarbonization around the world by showing the “art of the possible” in urban climate change.

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Game Changer Fund tile-image

Cities have limited access to early-stage risk capital for implementing some of the riskier strategies for decarbonizing key systems at a scale considered “transformational.” Thus, in 2018 CNCA is creating a new “Game Changer Fund” to foster even greater capacity within CNCA and other cities to implement critical, groundbreaking work that advances the global field of deep urban decarbonization. By targeting actions that have the highest potential for rapid, deep urban GHG emissions reductions in key emissions sectors (energy supply, buildings, transportation, waste and food). The Game Changer Fund seeks to drive transformative change in each of these strategy areas.

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Framework for Long-Term Deep Decarbonization Planning tile-image

A core function of CNCA is to help cities take a more robust, consistent, equitable and comprehensive approach to carbon neutral planning and implementation. CNCA’s Deep Carbon Reduction Planning Framework provides a template for cities to use in developing their own plans. The Planning Framework focuses exclusively on long-term and deep reductions, which require transformative rather than incremental approaches. The Framework is accompanied by an outline of the contents of a state-of-the-art plan for reducing community wide GHGs by at least 80% by 2050 (“80×50”).

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Strategic Communications tile-image

CNCA helps cities amplify their climate leadership. CNCA’s Communications Director provides support to CNCA members and “next wave” cities through media pitching and placement and city-requested on-site trainings and tools. CNCA also creates city-requested communications tools, such as the infographics below, showing how much a city’s citizens, businesses and municipal government spend on fossil fuels every year, where it goes, and what it could otherwise fund if it were invested in the city’s clean energy future.

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Fostering a ‘Next Wave’ of Carbon Neutral City Leaders tile-image

To accelerate deep carbon reduction activity in a wider set of cities, CNCA fosters sharing between CNCA members and other leading cities around the world. CNCA sponsors a number of activities that open up opportunities for non-members to participate, including:

  • Inviting other cities to participate in Innovation Fund projects;
  • Requiring Innovation Fund projects to be scalable and replicable by other cities;
  • Welcoming use of the Deep Carbon Reduction Planning Framework and “80×50” Plan Outline by all cities;
  • Inviting other cities to participate in CNCA lesson-sharing webinars;
  • Holding “Getting to Carbon Neutrality” workshops for other cities; and
  • Publicly posting key products and learnings from Innovation Fund projects.
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