Advance Methodologies, Standards and Governance Tools


CNCA advances methodologies, standards and governance tools for carbon neutrality planning, implementation, impact measurement and continuous improvement.


Governments are large, complex entities working to support a wide range of community needs. They are organized into departments with their own priorities and desired outcomes. The climate challenge is interdisciplinary in nature; thus, working across these divisions is essential if we are to address it effectively. Methods and tools that spread responsibility across the city administration will enhance accountability and advance systems-scale outcomes.


CNCA has prioritized the adoption of two types of governance tools over the next three years: 1) Climate Budgets, and 2) Climate Justice Tools. CNCA is:

  1. Mapping existing climate budget work and the use of climate justice tools in member cities;
  2. Evaluating emerging methodologies for integrating climate action accountability across government functions, and tracking climate action and progress toward adopted emission reduction targets;* 
  3. Helping cities develop and apply locally appropriate climate justice tools; and
  4. Helping city sustainability staff advocate for citywide adoption of these tools.

    *CNCA will work with cities for whom ‘climate budgets’ are not suitable to determine more locally appropriate approaches for achieving the same results.

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