South Australia, Australia
Carbon Neutral Adelaide is our community’s shared ambition to work together and make the City of Adelaide one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities.

Emissions Reduction

Since: 2006

Economic Growth

Since: 2006

Emissions Reduction Target

Baseline: 2006
by 2025

Renewable Energy Target

by 2025

Current Emissions by Source

Electricity/Energy 54%
Transport 27%
Product Use 12%
Waste 7%

Current Electricity Mix


Adelaide and the South Australian community are taking significant action to tackle climate change. Carbon Neutral Adelaide is our community’s shared ambition to work together and make the City of Adelaide one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities. The City of Adelaide adopted its Carbon Neutral Strategy 2015-2025, which includes targets for the City of Adelaide community to have zero net carbon emissions by 2025 and for City of Adelaide organisation to have zero net carbon emissions from its operations by 2020. This was followed by the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Action Plan 2016-2021 which outlines a way forward for mobilising efforts to achieve carbon neutrality for the City of Adelaide.

The City of Adelaide supports mitigation activities to reduce Council Administration and community GHG emissions through initiatives such as energy efficiency and the uptake of renewable energy technologies in our own facilities as well as providing our community with financial incentives for the uptake of sustainable energy and water technologies through the City of Adelaide’s Sustainability Incentives Scheme. We have also supported our most vulnerable members of the community by providing flexible finance arrangements for solar PV energy systems through a separate rate mechanism.

We partner with other councils in our region on climate change adaptation to reduce risk exposure and enhance the city’s resilience to a changing climate. Our achievements build upon our international reputation as a green, liveable, smart and creative city. By playing our part to address this global challenge we are maximising the economic, social and environmental opportunities of technological and behaviour change.

Sustainable Incentive Scheme

Subject to funding availability, the Sustainable City Incentives Scheme will provide up to: • $5,000 for installing a solar photovoltaic system • $5,000 for installing an energy storage (battery storage) system • $1,000 for LED lighting upgrades • $1,000 for installing an energy monitoring system • $1,000 for installing a Solar or Heat Pump Boosted Hot Water Systems • $500 for rainwater tanks or $3,000 for communal use rain water tanks in apartment buildings • $250 per electric bicycle charging point • $1000 per fast, or $5,000 per super-fast electric vehicle charging point • $5,000 per financial year for energy efficiency upgrades in apartment buildings • $2,500 for office tenants involved in CitySwitch who undertake a NABERS rating Incentives of more than $20,000 to a single site record in a year will be considered a ‘Partnership Project’ and will require the approval of Council – for example, this may occur when incentives from multiple categories are sought. Prospective applicants should contact Council at or telephone 8203 7203 to discuss potential projects, funding availability and eligibility with a member of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide team.

City of Adelaide Electric Vehicle Charging Hub 2

Organics Waste Diversion Bin Tagging Project

Reuseable Coffee Cup Pilot

Solar Savers Adelaide

The City of Adelaide is supporting low income and rental residential properties to install solar PV through an innovative rates based financing mechanism. Stage 1 of Solar Savers Adelaide has delivered ~2kW solar PV systems on 40 households. The program provides upfront funding for the purchase and installation of solar PV systems with Council recovering agreed costs through a separate rate charge.

Sustainability Incentives Scheme

The Sustainability Incentives Scheme offers financial rebates to the City of Adelaide community for the installation of sustainable technologies that contribute to the City becoming the world’s first carbon neutral city. Eligible technologies include solar pv, energy storage, electric vehicle charging points, along with energy efficiency and monitoring projects. Between 1 July 2015 and 31 December 2017, around $530,000 in rebates provided to the community supported an investment of over $4.47M investment in the City.

CitySwitch Green Office Program Awards

Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards 2017 – Highlights

Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners Program