Massachusetts, USA
Boston’s current climate initiatives are laying the groundwork to advance its climate goals and to accelerate progress.

Emissions Reduction

Since: 2005

Economic Growth

Since: 2005

Emissions Reduction Target

Baseline: 2005
By 2030

Carbon Neutral Target

by 2050

Emissions by Source

Transport 24%
Waste 1%
Buildings 75%

Electricity Mix

Boston is taking bold action on climate to become a carbon neutral, climate ready city as outlined in its updated Climate Action Plan. The 2014 Climate Action Plan update serves as Boston’s roadmap for reaching its goals of reducing carbon emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change. The goals are supported by Imagine Boston 2030, the first citywide plan in 50 years, that helps to ensure that climate plays a role in aspects of city planning.

The city’s current climate initiatives are laying the groundwork to advance its climate goals and to accelerate progress. Carbon Free Boston is analyzing the options and pathways to achieve deep decarbonization. The initiative is weighing the costs and benefits of technologies and policies across key action areas including electric power, buildings, transportation, and waste. As part of this effort, Zero Waste Boston is exploring pathways to turn Boston into a zero waste city through planning, policy, and community engagement.

Additionally, Climate Ready Boston is bolstering Boston’s climate change resilience with near- and long-term planning. It is actively advancing Boston’s vision of a resilient city through a comprehensive citywide vulnerability study, a community outreach program, and neighborhood-level implementation projects.

All of these initiatives will inform the upcoming update of Boston’s Climate Action Plan in 2018.

Hubway: Metro-Boston's Bike share Program

Hubway is metro-Boston's public bike share program, with 1,600 bikes and 180 stations across Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville. It’s a fun, affordable and convenient transportation option for quick trips around town.

Farmers Market

Enjoying the Boston Public Garden

Earth Day in Boston

Boston Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Boston Local Government Operations emitted 142 thousand metric tons of GHGs, 27% net reduction from 2005 including renewable energy credits. The City of Boston met our municipal 2020 goal of reducing GHG emissions 25% below 2005 levels 5 years ahead of schedule.