Washington, USA
Over the last decade, Seattle has guided growth to transit-accessible urban villages, increased affordable housing, and supported leading building and energy codes.

Emissions Reduction

As of: 2018 (Baseline: 2008)

Economic Growth

As of: 2018 (Baseline: 2008)

Emissions Reduction Target

Baseline: 2008

Green New Deal

By 2030
Fossil Fuel Free City

Emissions by Source

Transport 58%
Waste 1%
Industry 17%
Buildings 23%
As of: 2018

Electricity Mix (Carbon Neutral)

As of: 2018

In 2011, Seattle adopted the goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. We have made substantial progress toward this goal through investments in shifting our transportation away from single occupancy vehicles, such as walking, biking and transit, as well as vehicle electrification. Over the last decade, we have guided growth to transit-accessible urban villages, increased affordable housing, and supported leading building and energy codes.

As one of the fastest growing cities in America – Seattle add 57 new residents every day – the city must continue to explore bold actions to ensure we meet our climate goals and do our part under the Paris Climate Agreement. The focus of these actions is in our largest emissions sectors: buildings and road transportation.

The overall approach to carbon reductions in our buildings is to provide information, financial and other incentives, and technical assistance, while establishing strong standards for efficiency and emissions. To reduce transportation emissions, we are leveraging both technological advances and cultural shifts in how people move around our city to reduce trips and transition our cars, trucks, and buses to fossil fuel-free solutions. Seattle City Light is the first carbon neutral utility in the nation.

Our climate policies are created through a race and social justice lens, to ensure those who are most impacted by climate change and issues of affordability have the opportunity to benefit from solutions. Seattle’s Equity and Environment Agenda will guide us as we work with communities of color and lower income residents to create economic opportunities, mitigate cost burdens, and improve quality of life through climate action.

Seattle Climate Action Plan

Seattle Greenspace Blog

Updates directly from Seattle's Office of Sustainability & the Environment.

Equity and Environment

Seattle's work to protect the climate and our environment is also a fight for social justice. Not all residents in Seattle experience our environmental progress equally. People of color in our city are more likely to live near polluted sites, suffer from environment-related health problems, and have less access to healthy fresh food, open space, and affordable housing.

Clean Transportation Electrification Blueprint

In Seattle’s future, everything that moves people, goods, and services in and around the City is electrified – this is our “North Star” vision.

Green New Deal

The City of Seattle expanded on its history of progressive climate action by enacting the Green New Deal Resolution and Executive Order, directing all City departments to work together with the Green New Deal Oversight Board, the Environmental Justice Committee, and other key stakeholders to advance our shared goals. This bold leap towards a climate pollution-free city aims to create jobs and advance an equitable transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by prioritizing investments in communities historically most harmed by economic, racial, and environmental injustices.

Roadmap for Shared Mobility Hubs

This Roadmap outlines an initial regional strategy for Seattle to test an innovative method to improve connections to public transit via electrically powered shared mobility services and to increase EV adoption in shared mobility services.

Preparing for Climate Impacts

The Seattle Climate Preparedness Strategy outlines a range of actions Seattle will pursue to prepare for a changing climate.

Buildings and Energy

Seattle must dramatically reduce fossil fuel use in buildings over the next decade. We must power more of our lives, homes, and buildings with clean energy - creating all-electric new construction and retrofitting older buildings to phase out polluting fossil fuels like gas and oil.

Performance and Monitoring

Seattle tracks, measures and reports our greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis.