New South Wales, Australia
Since 2012, the City of Sydney has installed around 3,358 panels installed across 35 sites so far, including the heritage listed Sydney Town Hall.
The City’s operations became carbon neutral in 2007 and were the first government in Australia certified as such in 2011.

Emissions Reduction

Since: 2006

Economic Growth

Since: 2006

Emissions Reduction Target

Baseline: 2006
By 2050

Renewable Energy Target

by 2030

Emissions by Source

Electricity/Energy 78%
Transport 13%
Waste 9%

Electricity Mix

By 2021, the City of Sydney will reduce emissions in its operations by 44 per cent from 2006 levels and move to 50 per cent renewable energy. And across the local government area, we have set targets for 50 per cent renewables by 2030, 70 per cent reduction in 2006 greenhouse gas emissions levels by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

The City of Sydney has a strong track record. The City’s operations became carbon neutral in 2007 and were the first government in Australia certified as such in 2011. Since 2006, the organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions have reduced by 25 per cent and emissions across the local government area have reduced by 19 per cent amid strong growth in population and worker numbers – with a 41 per cent reduction in ‘carbon intensity’ (emissions per unit of GDP).

The City empowers Sydney’s business, resident and visitor communities to take environmental action through range of targeted programs – Better Building Partnership, CitySwitch Green Office and Smart Green Apartments. The City also offers environmental grants.

The City of Sydney local area covers 26.15 square metres and is a vital economic hub and tourism gateway for Australia. It is home to more than 20,000 businesses and 210,000 residents and supports 1.2 million residents, workers, visitors and students every day.

Energy efficient LED park lights

Sydney was the first city in Australia to roll-out energy-efficient light emitting diode (LED) street and park lights. The City of Sydney has replaced 6,604 conventional lights; saving nearly $800,000 a year in electricity bills and maintenance costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in City owned street lights by a minimum of 40 percent.

International Convention Centre Sydney Solar System

In 2016, the City of Sydney awarded a grant to Sydney Renewable Power Company enabling them to install a 520kW solar system on the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) rooftop.

Sydney Bike Lanes

The City of Sydney has created 12.5km of separated cycleways, 60km of shared paths and 40km of other infrastructure to make Sydney a city for walking and cycling. Overall the number of bike trips has doubled since 2010.

Environmental Action 2016-2021