Communications and Engagement


Sound policies won’t get implemented in a lasting way without support from the public and decision makers. That’s why impactful communications strategies and campaigns to build public and political will are so necessary. Cities need help communicating and engaging effectively with community stakeholders so they can implement the game changing policies necessary for achieving their ambitious goals.

CNCA’s approach is to support cities by giving visibility to the innovative work they are spearheading through project-specific profiles in mainstream digital media, convening peer sharing opportunities to disseminate learnings widely on social media, and developing resources for cities to draw on to build their capacity to communicate more effectively.

CNCA Profiles tile-image

CNCA Profiles

Features the ways in which our member cities are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to municipal climate action and policy.

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CNCA Salons

Brings together expertise from across our membership to highlight the latest innovations happening in our cities.

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CNCA Communications Resources

Offers climate communicators new ways of talking about, messaging, and narrating decarbonization, net zero, carbon neutrality, embodied carbon and more.