Foster Peer Learning


CNCA fosters peer learning among climate vanguard cities, so they can learn from each other and go further and faster together.


The results of thousands of hours of peer learning in projects, meetings and workshops make clear that peer learning and collective problem-solving leads to better policies and accelerates innovation. We are nowhere near the speed and scale needed to reach the 1.5 degree target. Even the leading cities often find themselves in unknown territory. The need for a safe space for leading cities to exchange ideas and resolve issues is more important than ever.


Because of the critical role of peer learning in CNCA’s work, it is incorporated into all Alliance activities, including:

  1. Hosting in-person annual meetings (when feasible) for all members;
  2. Hosting virtual meetings using the latest technology for online collaboration;
  3. Organizing peer reviews of cities’ climate action plans; and
  4. Establishing learning cohorts for cities implementing Game Changer Fund projects, and require funded projects to share lessons through videos, webinars, articles and conference presentations.

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