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City's GHG Goal — Carbon Neutral by 2035

Emissions Reduction

As of: 2019 (Baseline: 2009)

Economic Growth

As of: 2019 (Baseline: 2009)

Emissions Reduction Target

By 2030

Renewable Energy Target

By 2030
achieved 15 % by 2020

Strategic Climate Actions Focused On

Emissions Monitoring 25%
Circular Economy 25%
Climate Adaptation 25%
Renewable Energy 25%

City submitted description of climate goals.

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For the most up to date information on the city’s climate actions, please visit their website and follow them on social:

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Climate Action Plan

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New Climate Policy Roadmap

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Climate Action Video


CNCA Funded Project: Urban Bioenergy-Biochar Development Strategy & Playbook

The City of Boulder—with the cities of Helsinki, Minneapolis, and Stockholm—explored the potential for integrating biochar into urban climate action strategies. The project combined both city specific biochar and biomass assessments with additional technical assessments of biochar benefits, technical specifications, best practices for uses, and a preliminary guide to integrating equity considerations in biochar facility development.

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