Prioritize a Just Carbon Neutral Future


CNCA prioritizes a just carbon neutral future by integrating climate justice into ambitious climate action.


Extractive social, economic and governance systems have resulted in disproportionate negative outcomes for communities of color, low-income communities, Indigenous Peoples, immigrants, refugees and other marginalized communities (priority communities) and the climate crisis. These systems exploit natural resources at unsustainable levels and perpetuate the oppression of priority communities. By working at the intersection of climate and social justice, we address the systems and advance restorative outcomes aligned with our values.


CNCA embeds climate justice across its programs by:

  1. Developing locally relevant tools to support cities in advancing climate justice work, including just transition goals;
  2. Integrating climate justice principles into the Game Changer Fund;
  3. Increasing priority community representation in CNCA and the field through fellowships and participation in CNCA activities;
  4. Incorporating climate justice principles and practices into CNCA’s transformational leadership training;
  5. Spotlighting examples of climate justice in practice and include climate justice language in communications trainings and materials; and
  6. Convening a Climate Justice Committee to advise and periodically review CNCA’s progress in meeting organizational climate justice goals.

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