Awardees Selected for Game Changer Fund to Transform Food Systems tile-image

Awardees Selected for Game Changer Fund to Transform Food Systems

City Leads: London, New York City, and Vancouver
Year to Be Completed: In Progress

As of 2024, the CNCA Game Changer Fund is pleased to announce the CNCA member cities awarded grants to pursue projects that dramatically reduce emissions of food systems and simultaneously address climate justice outcomes by centering people:

  • London will utilize a community-based approach to increase residents’ consumption of low carbon food and reduce food waste by identifying and testing a package of interventions to drive sustainable behaviors in households.
  • New York City will increase access to healthy, culturally appropriate, affordable, and low-carbon foods for the NYC Dept. of Correction’s incarcerated population, while positioning city food workers to improve their skills and advance their careers via a plant-based culinary training and certification program.
  • Vancouver is using systems design, ideation, solution development, and testing approaches that are collaborative and co-creative to address the limited accountability of food waste in food supply chain, as well as develop a clear vision of what a decolonized circular food future means from Indigenous and cross-sectoral perspectives.