Collective Impact and Climate Art Community Innovation Project tile-image

Collective Impact and Climate Art Community Innovation Project

City Lead: Toronto
Year Completed: 2024

Toronto is working with local youth to use the power of art to co-create a climate justice project with residents and local community organizations in the North Scarborough neighborhood. The project is part of a larger city-wide, collective impact, climate action initiative that is co-led by several community environmental organizations (Canadian Climate Challenge, Toronto Climate Action Network and Centre for Social Innovation) and the City of Toronto.


  • Project Report: A Collective Impact Climate Art PilotThis arts based pilot facilitated the community being represented in ways it previously may not have been. Simultaneously empowering folks to take back control of their community narrative, physically contributing to the character of the community with the public art pieces, and publicly and vulnerably exhume both personal and collective recollections, whether fond or frightening, demonstrated the value that and varied roles art has the capacity to play.