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Susan Anderson

Director of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Susan Anderson is the director of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. She is responsible for long range planning, zoning, urban design, and a host of programs and policies focused on energy efficiency, solar and other renewable energy sources, green building, waste reduction and recycling, urban agriculture, ecodistricts and promoting healthy, walkable neighborhoods. Recent efforts include 1) a once in a generation – new comprehensive land use plan, 2) a new Climate Action Plan, and 3) a new vision and strategy for development of the Central City. Susan has presented at dozens of venues nationally and internationally on sustainable urban development. She has held director-level positions in the public and private sector, and holds degrees in Economics and Environmental Science, and a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning. She was honored as a Distinguished Alumnus at both the University of Oregon and the University of California-Santa Barbara. In the past, she owned a wholesale tree nursery, and she has three charming, smart, well-behaved children.