Our Work

CNCA mobilizes transformative, game-changing climate action in seven strategic focus areas
(read CNCA’s 2021-2023 Strategic Plan for more details):

Fund Transformative Climate Action in Cities tile-image

CNCA mobilizes transformative climate action in cities by funding the development, adoption and implementation of game-changing climate policies in cities.

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Exert Collective Influence tile-image

CNCA cities exert collective influence on and advocate for policies from other decision-makers to reduce emissions not directly controlled by cities.

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Advance Methodologies, Standards and Governance Tools tile-image

CNCA advances methodologies, standards and governance tools for carbon neutrality planning, implementation, impact measurement and continuous improvement.

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Foster Peer Learning tile-image

CNCA fosters peer learning among climate vanguard cities, so they can learn from each other and go further and faster together.

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Cultivate Transformational Leadership tile-image

CNCA cultivates transformational leadership so city sustainability directors can excel in their roles as change-makers.

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Help Cities Communicate More Effectively tile-image

CNCA helps cities communicate more effectively to advance their carbon neutrality work.

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Prioritize a Just Carbon Neutral Future tile-image

CNCA prioritizes a just carbon neutral future by integrating climate justice into ambitious climate action.

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