Help Cities Communicate More Effectively


Help cities communicate more effectively to advance their carbon neutrality work.


Sound policies won’t get implemented in a lasting way unless the public and decision makers support it. That’s why impactful communications strategies and campaigns to build public and political will are so necessary. Cities need help communicating effectively with the stakeholders they are trying to influence so they can implement the game changing policies necessary for achieving their ambitious goals.


CNCA helps cities become more powerful communicators by:

  1. Training members and other leading cities to become more effective presenters and storytellers, and offering regular opportunities for communications practice;
  2. Building members’ skills in telling stories through video of their innovative approaches and lessons learned;
  3. Publishing thought leadership reports and media articles;
  4. Supporting a market research agenda that benchmarks climate attitudes and behaviors, and updating members on behavioral science for use in campaigns; and
  5. Facilitating peer sharing about effective campaign strategies.

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