Strategic Program Areas


CNCA members identify specific policy and capacity areas to explore further, dive into or build out. These may be new, emerging policy areas where members are just beginning to chart a course towards carbon neutrality. Or they may be capacity areas that have been historically underinvested in. According to the need, CNCA is able to deploy expertise and leverage partnerships to support members with the development of policy frameworks, skilling and training opportunities, learning cohorts, and policy implementation assistance and funding.

CNCA is currently leading rich, cutting-edge programming in the following emerging policy and capacity areas:

  • Built Environment
  • Climate Justice
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Consumption-Based Emissions

Built Environment tile-image

Built Environment

CNCA works with cities to foster ambitious policies that reduce embodied emissions across the entire life-cycle of buildings.

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Climate Justice tile-image

Climate Justice

CNCA supports cities in advancing climate justice through new approaches, processes and tools.

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Communications & Engagement tile-image

Communications & Engagement

CNCA helps cities creatively communicate and engage communities on climate action.

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Consumption-Based Emissions tile-image

Consumption-Based Emissions

CNCA is working with cities to build new capacity to address emissions up and downstream in the next frontier of climate action.

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