Member Services (v3)

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CNCA creates opportunities for member engagement and policy planning. [This text is for example of a page intro. Could be adjusted or removed]

Peer Learning tile-image

Peer Learning

CNCA fosters peer learning among climate vanguard cities, so they can learn from each other and go further and faster together.

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Transformational Leadership tile-image

Transformational Leadership

CNCA cultivates transformational leadership so city sustainability directors can excel in their roles as change-makers.

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Methodologies, Standards and Governance Tools tile-image

Methodologies, Standards and Governance Tools

CNCA advances methodologies, standards, and governance tools for carbon neutrality planning, implementation, impact measurement and continuous improvement.

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Collective Influence tile-image

Collective Influence

CNCA cities exert collective influence on and advocate for policies from other decision-makers to reduce emissions not directly controlled by cities.

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