Member Services


CNCA members advance and troubleshoot policy development collectively, share learnings and forge support networks, innovate together and build new capacity to take on emerging challenges. Our member services are tailored to the needs of our cities and include growing climate leadership, creating genuine peer sharing and learning opportunities, advancing policy and governance models and exerting influence collectively to shift the dialogue around specific policy challenges.

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Peer Learning

CNCA fosters peer learning among climate vanguard cities, so they can learn from each other and go further and faster together.

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Transformational Leadership

CNCA cultivates transformational leadership so city sustainability directors can excel in their roles as change-makers.

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Methodologies, Standards and Governance Tools

CNCA advances methodologies, standards, and governance tools for carbon neutrality planning, implementation, impact measurement and continuous improvement.

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Collective Influence

CNCA cities exert collective influence on and advocate for policies from other decision-makers to reduce emissions not directly controlled by cities.

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